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Joining the 21st Century

I recently got an email from an organization I love: they do great, strategic and effective environmental work with minimal resources. They are having their strategic planning sessions here in Toronto this week, and wondered if I could come by

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Email checklists: writing, designing and choosing a subject line

I have had the pleasure to work with the great crew at a Canadian environmental NGO over the last few weeks, assisting them with their broadcast email. The part of this work I enjoyed the most was creating a workshop

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Social Tech Training in Toronto, June 10-12

I am presenting at Social Tech Training 2009, the second year of this great event in Toronto. It’s an intensive training session for profit organizations who want to build a solid online program. I love the approach. It’s not about

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Online advocacy, the basics, now with Twitter!

I gave a talk about “Online Advocacy Campaigns – The Basics” this week as part of Net Tuesday, organized by Techsoup Canada.  It was a revised version of the presentation I gave in the spring. The attendance was a little

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Drupal Themeing event, November 22nd

Martin Anderson gave an excellent hour-long workshop on Drupal themeing at DrupalCamp Toronto back in the spring. Drupal themeing, for those of you who don’t speak Nerd, is the process of designing and configuring a site built on the Drupal

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Social Tech Training 2008

It’s been more than a week since the Social Tech Training ended, and I am just wrapping my head around it now. Sixty five people from the social change sector came together at the MaRs centre in Toronto for three

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Online Advocacy: The Basics for Global Citizens for Change

Last week I had the honour of presenting at the skill building retreat for Global Citizens for Change, a public engagement initiative of volunteer cooperation agencies in Canada. Once again I went with the ‘walk before you run’ theme. My

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E-Campaigning forum in Oxford: the basics

I went to the E-Campaigning Forum in Oxford, UK and, inspired by Jason Lefkowitz’s view of the basics of online advocacy, signed up to facilitate a session to tease out just what constitutes a good website and a good email

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