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Webinar: Using Google Analytics to Measure Social Media Campaigns

I am delivering a short webinar on “Using Google Analytics to Measure Social Media Campaigns” with John Haydon on Thursday, October 16th.

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Google Analytics for Website Redesign – March 12 in Toronto

This two hour  workshop in Toronto will teach you to avoid common redesign mistakes and identify opportunities to improve your website using the powerful and free web analytics tool Google Analytics. You will leave the workshop with a step-by-step process

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Social media measurement with Google Analytics | April 9 in Toronto

This workshop will show you how to evaluate your social media and its contribution to your organization.  Move beyond measuring reach, shares and ‘likes’ and see exactly how much social media is contributing to your bottom line – whether your

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How to Make Smarter Decisions About Your Website – Fall sessions 2013

Three morning sessions to take your understanding of Google Analytics to the next level. Set goals, track key metrics, track your email, social media and online advertising efforts. For non-technical people.

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Engaging your Email List & Measuring Results – Net Tuesday May Event

I am presenting at the May 7th TechSoup event in Toronto on ways to engage with your email list and how to measure the impact of your email marketing. It’s $5 at the door, and it will also be livestreamed.

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How to Make Smarter Decisions About Your Website (and anything you publish online)

I am a big fan of Web Analytics, and I feel like it is the cornerstone skill of any work you want to do online.  I find that people speak about their websites in an entirely different way when they

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How Google can help you improve (almost) anything you publish online

By adopting some free Google tools, you will automatically be more strategic and effective in your online publishing – these are big boasts. Below are three quick reasons why I think this claim holds up.

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Tools for online advocacy – workshop and hackathon

This weekend more than 30 people came together over two days to learn more about, work with and improve some free open source tools for running online campaigns in Canada. There aren’t a lot of website tools for organizations in

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An online advocacy event, and free software! – Feb. 27 & 28th in Toronto

There are a lot of interesting campaigns with online components happening here in Toronto at the municipal level, including this recent amazing victory for a more beautiful city. Campaigns like this could be even more effective if they had simple

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Blogging for People Who Should

This course is designed for anyone with an important story to tell: activists trying to change the world, filmmakers and authors with stirring stories to share, independent consultants whose work makes positive contributions to social change, anyone doing inspiring works that they want the world to know about.

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