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Blogging for People Who Should

This course is designed for anyone with an important story to tell: activists trying to change the world, filmmakers and authors with stirring stories to share, independent consultants whose work makes positive contributions to social change, anyone doing inspiring works that they want the world to know about.

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The Art of Leadership

I recently spent a week in upstate New York with an amazing teacher named Robert Gass and 24 other people, and it was a profound experience. The Art of Leadership has informed the structure and vibe of my favourite yearly

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Web of Change, and a MoveOn for Canada?

I recently went to the fantastic ‘Web of Change‘ conference in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. I have been to this yearly event several times, and have always returned refreshed and inspired.  This year I added a bike trip

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How to create a grassroots movement using social networking sites

Who knew it was this easy? But seriously, this is a good introduction. From “Political tasks”

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Drupal Themeing event, November 22nd

Martin Anderson gave an excellent hour-long workshop on Drupal themeing at DrupalCamp Toronto back in the spring. Drupal themeing, for those of you who don’t speak Nerd, is the process of designing and configuring a site built on the Drupal

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Facebook ads

Created my first facebook ad today, for an event next week in Guelph. I am not that impressed with the functionality – or the fact it has taken more than four hours (and counting) for the ad to be approved.

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Content management system firm goes bust, clients sad.

Last week a mid-sized Canadian company that sold proprietary content management systems went bust. Someone I know had been working with them on a new website for the past six months, and it was set to launch next week. “Oh,

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Online Advocacy at DrupalCamp Toronto

DrupalCamp Toronto was held last weekend at the University of Toronto, and it went really well. The Drupal Users Group of Toronto pulled it together for the third year in a row, and it keeps getting better each year. I

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Afraid of change? Leave it here!

One of my least favourite things in the world is sitting through PowerPoint presentations where people post a long, wordy slide of their speech and then read from it. One of my favourite PowerPoints of all time was given by

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The audience for film websites: see it | seen it

A friend of mine just finished a very powerful documentary about one Ecuadorean village’s resistance to a huge mining operation. I am helping him with the online marketing of this film, and getting to put into practice some of my

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