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How Google can help you improve (almost) anything you publish online

By adopting some free Google tools, you will automatically be more strategic and effective in your online publishing – these are big boasts. Below are three quick reasons why I think this claim holds up.

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Three things to ask your email subscribers

Over the years I have created dozens of email signup forms, to help organizations build their email lists of supporters.  Often people want to ask the subscriber to give every last detail of their personal information: full name, address, phone

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The YouTube Dork Aesthetic at work:

A friend sent along this campaign, run by some Stanford students. It is a simple site built around an amateur video. The video has shaky camera work, wooden acting and is a shade too long. I love it for a

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E-Campaigning forum in Oxford: the basics

I went to the E-Campaigning Forum in Oxford, UK and, inspired by Jason Lefkowitz’s view of the basics of online advocacy, signed up to facilitate a session to tease out just what constitutes a good website and a good email

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The information/enthusiasm ratio

Just back from the E-Campaigning forum here in the UK, and it has been a very intense and enjoyable two days. One of the highlights for me was the opening address by Ben Brandzel, from MoveOn/John Kerry/Avaaz and other works.

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Building a successful online team

Here’s a great post from EchoDitto on the key roles in an effective online team. The post describes and has sample job descriptions for two key positions (online director, web content manager), three ‘secondary hires’ (online organizer, creative director, web

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‘E-activism, First things first’

Fantastic interview with Jason Lefkowitz on the topic of “E-activism, First things first” Great advice on picking low hanging fruit first, before moving on to Twitter, Second Life and podcasting. The entire interview is gold for one-person web teams, but

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