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Three (3!) interesting new media jobs in Ontario

I have often felt there are so many great online campaigning jobs in the United States and the UK, but not so many opportunities to do online work for progressive organizations here in Canada. That was last week. Three recent

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Greenpeace Canada is looking for web people: social media specialist and webmaster

Greenpeace Canada is in the process of hiring for two positions: a social media specialist and a webmaster. Both positions are located in Toronto. Both jobs require a mix of communication and technical skills, with a healthy dose of passion.

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Lessons learned from Rootscamp in DC

Rootscamp happened last weekend, and it was a really great experience. I visited New York before the conference, and drove down to Washington with a few friends. The event was full of energy, as the mainly Democratic crowd was pretty

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The YouTube Dork Aesthetic at work:

A friend sent along this campaign, run by some Stanford students. It is a simple site built around an amateur video. The video has shaky camera work, wooden acting and is a shade too long. I love it for a

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Online Advocacy: The Basics for Global Citizens for Change

Last week I had the honour of presenting at the skill building retreat for Global Citizens for Change, a public engagement initiative of volunteer cooperation agencies in Canada. Once again I went with the ‘walk before you run’ theme. My

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The information/enthusiasm ratio

Just back from the E-Campaigning forum here in the UK, and it has been a very intense and enjoyable two days. One of the highlights for me was the opening address by Ben Brandzel, from MoveOn/John Kerry/Avaaz and other works.

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