We’re going to RootsCamp, I hope you can join us…

Hey Eastern Canadian online organizers,

We’re going to RootsCamp in DC in a little less than three weeks, we have space in our van, and I hope you can come along.

What’s RootsCamp?  It’s two days of powerful conversations with some of the smartest progressive folks doing online organizing today. If you are working to make change and want to do your online work in a smart and strategic way, this is for you. It’s a great chance to meet, learn from and teach other progressive organizers in an open, collaborative atmosphere.

And it’s free.

Organized by the non-profit New Organizing Institute in Washington, DC, the 6th annual RootsCamp is happening the weekend of February 18th and 19th in Washington.  There is a minivan of people splitting costs on the drive from Toronto (~$120/person for transport), and we have 2 spaces left.  I hope you’ll consider coming along with us.

Details You Will Want to Know

RootsCamp 2012 website: http://2012.rootscamp.org/


Thursday February 16th, 8am: Leave Toronto, stay that evening in New York City
Evening of February 17th: arrive in Washington DC
February 18 & 19th at the conference
Sunday February 19th, 5pm: leave for Toronto, arrive early on the 20th (Family Day, a holiday!)

Costs per person:
Transport : ~$120/ for transport
Accommodation : We will arrange our own in NYC and DC, there will likely be opportunities to share rooms. Here’s the organizers recommendations for DC
RootsCamp registration : Free!

I have been to Rootscamp twice now, and I have been really impressed at how an unstructured and free event can be so enriching.  I have learned about organizing and messaging strategies and tactics – both online and on the ground – from people at the heart of movements like the Obama campaign, MoveOn.org and directly from inspiring political yodas like Marshall Ganz. There’s even a career fair for all kinds of progressive jobs (in the U.S.)  If you are trying to make change for the better, this is a great opportunity to grab some mid-winter learning and inspiration, and make sure you have a Canadian posse down in DC.

If you are interested in joining us, or know someone who would be a great fit for this conference (and will be good with a 10 hour van ride) please get in touch with me at eric@squair.ca

I recognize this is really short notice, and I hope you can make it.


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