How Google can help you improve (almost) anything you publish online

I am organizing an event to introduce some amazing free tools from Google to Toronto area non profits.

Normally, I don’t like giving workshops focusing on specific tools. Often, it’s a case of recommending specific tactics before people have defined the larger goals of an organizations’ online efforts. Second Life, FourSquare or Twitter do not necessarily fit the particular needs of your organization.*

But Google is different.  You have no choice but to make decisions more strategically when using these tools for measuring and improving your online work. I don’t feel reluctant to recommend these specific tools to anyone who is publishing anything online – a website, email newsletter, blog or social media campaign.

By adopting some free Google tools, you will automatically be more strategic and effective in your online publishing – these are big boasts. Below are three quick reasons why I think this claim holds up.

1.  These tools answer  the basic question: How are we doing?  They tell you regularly, in numbers, what’s working, and what’s not. How many websites would be vastly improved if they were focused on these two questions?

2. These tools work best when you define your goals and audiences. This automatically gets you thinking, simultaneously, about what your key performance indicators are, as well as your key audiences. They give regular, clear updates how well you are meeting your goals, how you are connecting with specific audiences, and gives insights into how to do better.

3. These tools don’t assume you have any specific technical knowledge. Sure, there is some jargon and new concepts to learn when using these tools, and there are different levels of sophistication in their setup. But anyone responsible for a website is much better off being familiar with these concepts – it’s some of the most valuable learning you will do about online communications.

This event is going to focus on three things that, in my experience, people find really helpful to know more about:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google adwords / Google Grants
  3. Google Keyword Tool

If you can’t make this event, please get in touch, as I will be offering it again in the fall.

[* I mention these three particular tools because, at different times, many people thought that each of these tools was THE answer to their online communications challenges. They were very eager to hear advice on how to make the most of them, but not necessarily interested in questioning why that specific tool might help solve their challenges.]

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