Showing my favourite cat video at My Charity Connects

satisfy-the-catI had the pleasure of presenting at the My Charity Connects conference here in Toronto. Put on by Canada Helps, it brings together about 300 people who work in the not-for-profit sector to learn about communicating and collaborating effectively online. It’s held at MaRS, and this is my second time presenting.

Because I promised they would be here, my presenter slides with notes are here in PDF (1.6Mb).

I couldn’t make it to too many sessions (I had to leave early from two great talks – one by Jaime Woo and another by Darren Barefoot) but from what I did see it looks like there were a lot of people learning how to to up their online game.

My session was about the importance of user-centered design when creating websites. Admittedly, the subject matter is not as flashy as the latest social media campaigns, but I feel like a good design and testing process is crucial to being effective online. I covered the five stages of successful website redesigns and covered basic usability testing according to the bible of such matters, “Don’t Make Me Think“. It was a quick hour and a half, and I was encouraged by the great questions and comments from the audience.

There were two main take aways I hope people took away:

  1. Satisfy the cat.
    This is my favourite cat video.  If you work on the web, it will be yours, too. Every time decisions are made abut your organizations website, get everyone involved to watch it.
  2. Test early, test often.
    And read a copy of this book! (“Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug)
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