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I recently got an email from an organization I love: they do great, strategic and effective environmental work with minimal resources. They are having their strategic planning sessions here in Toronto this week, and wondered if I could come by and talk to them about improving their online work.

One goal in their online communications strategy, a bit tongue in cheek, is to “Join the 21st Century”. They are not doing too badly with their communications – in old and new media – and they are a super-smart bunch, so I was a bit intimidated, truth be told. I had limited time to pull this together, and this is a no-bullshit crew. I can’t show them some campaigns that worked, repeat a few pat phrases about social media and be done with it – these folks have been doing effective communications work for years – they know their stuff.

I had a evening to pull this together, and in the end my key points were:

- The progression from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, and how that looks for organizations online.
- How this move necessitates a culture change to storytelling throughout the organization – ‘No more webmasters!’.
- It concludes with a brief roadmap on how to get started on a strategy that is inspired by this amazing initiative at

What would be your key message(s) to a savvy group who is wondering “what’s next?”

Here’s the presentation for download [PPT, 2.1Mb]. It’s a set of key points – I promise I won’t read from the slides, it will be livelier than that – and a little light on images, but I am looking forward to this discussion.

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