Online advocacy, the basics, now with Twitter!

Netsquared logoI gave a talk about “Online Advocacy Campaigns – The Basics” this week as part of Net Tuesday, organized by Techsoup Canada.  It was a revised version of the presentation I gave in the spring. The attendance was a little lower than expected – there was a serious snowstorm – but otherwise the session went well.

You can download the session notes here.  [PowerPoint, 1.97 Mb]
The biggest revision I made to the talk, which I last delivered in June of 2008, was my opinion of Twitter as a tool for online campaigning.

I like Twitter and I think it is useful. But I am also a strong believer in getting the basics of any campaign right before spending time and energy on fancier technologies. I feel that you should have  your  campaign strategy, your messaging, your website and your email activities working (and results tracked) reasonably well before you spend time adopting Bright Shiny Objects. If this qualifies me as a Social Media Curmudgeon, so be it.

Six months ago, when I gave this presentation, I felt that the time spent working with Twitter did not justify the investment – it wasn’t quite ‘there’ yet.

I think that has changed in the last six months – now I think that Twitter has enough users to bump it up the list of basics.  I am running a quick experiment, applying the tactics I have learned about spreading your message on Twitter, and I will blog about it in the days to come.

In the meantime, if you are in Toronto and want to find out more (than you can ever hope to learn from me) come to a lunchtime talk ‘Twitter 101′ given by social media expert Mark Kuznicki, this Thursday.

Here’s the email:

> What is Twitter and why should you care?

> Twitter is increasingly being used by political campaigns, mainstream
> media and social mission organizations as a communications channel.
> Twitter is also being used by tech-savvy social innovators to self-
> organize and create positive change in their communities.  CSI tenant
> Mark Kuznicki ( will walk participants through the
> functional uses of Twitter in this interactive session.  Mark is fresh
> off the success of ChangeCamp ( an event that
> became the #1 trending topic in the world on the Twitter platform.

> Bring lunch, and a WiFi enabled laptop if you have one. You may want
> to register your own Twitter account at in advance
> of this session and add Mark, as a Twitter
> buddy.

> Where: CSI in the Think Tank
> When: Thursday, Feb. 12, 12 pm
> RSVP: to
> Cost: free to CSI tenants

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