Excited about Rootscamp in Washington, DC

Rootscamp DC LogoThere’s a post-election debrief in Washington DC this weekend called Rootscamp, put on by the New Organizing Institute.  It brings together people who worked on the last election to discuss what worked, what didn’t and how to do better next time.

I went down in 2006 and learned a lot from this ‘unconference’ – sat in on sessions facilitated by some Really Smart People (it was during that trip I learned that DC is considered ‘Hollywood for Geeks’ – smart is sexy down there) And I am signed up to go again.

Now the event is happening again, to analyze strategy and tactics from the November elections. I snuck in as someone who worked on the last Canadian election. The US is so far ahead of Canada in terms of online campaigning (ok, online everything!) that I find it really useful (not to mention inspiring) to catch a glimpse of where things are going.

From an email the organizers sent, telling us about some of the attendees:

…There will be over 500 people coming together this weekend for this post-election debrief from all corners of the country.  Folks as far away as California and Florida will be joining us, and we’ll have folks from local races all the way up to the presidential.

As we’ve been looking at the attendee list, we wanted to share a few of the folks who will be lending us their brains this weekend:

Becky Bond – Political Director for CREDO Mobile
Chris Hughes – Director of Online Organizing for Obama For America
Christen Linke Young – Regional Field Director at Ohio for Obama
Eli Pariser – Executive Director of MoveOn.org
Ginny Hunt – Engaged in election work at Google
Jessy Tolkan – Director of Energy Action Coalition
Kombiz Lavasany – Democratic National Committee (DNC)
Mark Sullivan – Founder of Voter Activation Network (VAN)
Marshall Ganz – Organizing guru at Harvard Kennedy School
Stephen Geer – Directed email communications for Obama For America
Vijay Ravindran – Chief Technology Officer at Catalist

Can’t wait.

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