Social Tech Training 2008

Social Tech Training 2008 badgeIt’s been more than a week since the Social Tech Training ended, and I am just wrapping my head around it now. Sixty five people from the social change sector came together at the MaRs centre in Toronto for three intense days of workshops on how to communicate effectively online. Non-stop sessions led by some super people got me excited all over again about the world changing potential of this online communications work.

Pulled together by the crew behind Web of Change, I knew I wanted to participate from the moment I heard it was happening. I was a facilitator for a group of half a dozen folks doing inspiring work – anti-poverty, environmental law, health promotion and international development to name a few. I also co-presented a few workshops over the three days, which was a lot of fun.

Lots of links from the sessions to share here (including a presentation on email basics I co-presented with Rosalyn Lemieux)
While the aim of the conference was to introduce people to social technology tools and techniques, it quickly became apparent to everyone that it wasn’t really about the tools or techniques, but about the stories that people had to tell. It also became apparent how important the basics of an online presence were.

The photo on the left was a quick checklist of those basics, posted at the front of the conference. This is a theme I harp on a lot: get the message, the website and some form of ‘list’ (email, twitter, etc) working as well as you can, and then branch out into other technologies.

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