Afraid of change? Leave it here!

'Afraid of change? Leave it here!' note on a tip jar in VancouverOne of my least favourite things in the world is sitting through PowerPoint presentations where people post a long, wordy slide of their speech and then read from it.

One of my favourite PowerPoints of all time was given by online fundraising guru Madeline Stanionis and was a series of compelling photos: an ice cream cone, her dog, whisky bottles. Each image illustrated a point she was making, keeping you curious and engaged until the ‘reveal’, when she tied the image back to her spiel. Fun and brilliant.

I made a presentation recently to a joint University of Toronto / Sheridan College course in ‘Digital Innovation and Cultural Transformation‘. The lecture was on ‘Network Technologies and Democracy’ and I chose to present on advocacy campaigns. I ran through the basics of advocacy campaigns, from past to present, and tried to get the students thinking about the basics of making change and how the internet has affected this process. I hope it worked. [Thanks to Mark Kuznicki for the reference, and Gail Benick for her enthusiastic reception]

When I needed to make the point that all advocacy campaigns are about making change, I went with one of my favourite photos I took last year, the “Afraid of Change? Leave it here!” note I saw attached to a tip jar in a cafe in Vangroovy last summer. Fun, and channeling Madeline just a little bit.

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